Vinny….Crusader at Large

I like to write letters.  You know when you experience something very good or very bad?  Well I write letters to companies or people about things.  Some people laugh at this and think it’s a fruitless attempt to gain something or just to vent and spout off about something I don’t like….that’s not true.  I would be willing to bet I have written more letters to politicians than about 99% of people…both good and bad letters–although most of these are bad letters.  Recently I tried calling BJs to check on appointments to have new tires put on my wife’s car.  Not only didn’t anyone answer the phone but then it directed me to their voice mailbox and I was unable to leave a message BECAUSE IT WAS FULL!  So I wrote a letter to BJs and told them that either 1) their manager couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag and did not keep the store properly staffed to address customer questions or 2) they were just lazy.  Either way this resulted in a flurry of phone calls to me by both BJs’ corporate office and the store’s general manager.

A couple years ago my wife and I went to Pocono Raceway and got premium seats–right on pit road with open bar, all you can eat buffet, a break area with closedc circuit TV, infield parking, etc.  The only issue I had was paying $250.00 per ticket.  So I wrote a letter telling Pocono Raceway that their were many empty seats and that I watched subsequent races on TV and those seats were empty and I thought it was embarrassing for them.  So I proposed that they let me buy tickets for the same area cheaper.  They said no.  I wrote more letters.  Finally about a year and a half later they sent me a letter saying they would grant my request and let me buy tickets for those same seats for half price.  Problem solved.

I have written letters to airlines and have tons of frequent flier miles and had a bunch of airport lounge passes as a result.  But I don’t just write bad letters.  When I go to a store or restaurant….or anywhere for that matter and someone helps me or goes out of their way to make sure things are done right I always write a letter to their employer and tell them what a great job that employee did. 

I get sick of these snot-nosed little pricks that act like they’re doing you a favor when they serve you in a restaurant or check you out in the store so I think it’s important to single out the employees that do their job and have some pride in themselves.  I don’t write bad letters about the arrogant little bastards when I come across them….I tell them to their face.  I have been known to say “Hey Coolio, pull your head out of your ass for a second and do your job” or “Hey Chim Chim, try pulling your fucking pants up so people don’t have to look at your underwear” and I ALWAYS make sure I say it loud enough for others to hear.  These bastards are not worth the time it would take me to write a letter.

I also reward good service.  When I go out to eat and I have a very good waiter/waitress I make sure they certainly know it because I leave big tips for them.  The bottom line is: do your job the best you can and I am going to make sure you’re rewarded and/or let your employer know. Be a slacker or arrogant shit loaf and I am tell tell you right then and there.  I wish more people would do these things but I understand not many people like writing letters or confrontation.


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