Morning Wood

Calm down it’s not what you think.  So day 1 of the new blog….ahhhh where to begin.  How about some general topics to maybe generate some discussion…I will list a topic and my general stance on it and we will see if anyone cares to comment or start some kind of discussion:

1)  Global warming – junk science whereby “scientists” omit data that does not support their argument in the name of scoring more research money.  Hmmm and I thought Al Gore was a genius and Leonardo DiCaprio was an authority on climatology!

2) Sandals/Flip flops – Men should be banned from wearing these unless at a pool or beach.  Dude, put some frigging shoes on! I have had nightmoares about being attacked by legions of big hairy feet!

3) Those people that drive around their cars with the bass pumping or the loud mufflers like they’re some kind of badass.  Uh uh…you’re not a bad ass Chachi….you’re a douche.

4) Kids/Teens/etc – Man, there are some serious parenting issues out there!  You ever go to the mall and look at some of these cornholes walking around with their pants falling down?  Or 13 year old girls who look like prostitutes?  I think ALL schools should have uniforms….individuality my ass, you’re not there to express your individuality….you’re there to learn.

5) TV – I like TV as much as the next guy but what is with all this “reality” TV?!?!?  Look at the 2 nitwits who just crashed the White House State Dinner–or as I like to call them Ass and Hole.  This was done all in the name of reality TV.  Those 2 butt lickers ought to be prosecuted. 

6) Celebrities – I can’t stand celebrities.  Well that’s not entirely true…I can’t stand people who are obsessed with celebrities.  I especially love when celebrities give their political opinions or opinions on issues.  Mmmmmm verbal diarrhea….YUMMY!

7) That’s right #7….I have a lot of them but this will be the last one for today.  Political correctness.  UGH I hate this!  Sorry, but I am gonna call a midget a midget.  So if you’re easily offended or believe in the whole PC matra then you may just want to avoid my blog–my own little space on the web where I can, and will be myself 🙂 

Let me know whatcha think!  Toodles!


5 Responses to “Morning Wood”

  1. Red Says:

    Next time we see you Jody is going to wear his sandals the WHOLE time! I think I’m in agreement with mostly everything else but I thought the gate crashing thing was pretty funny.

  2. Red Says:

    Oh, Savannah said you were a ding dong!

  3. Red Says:

    Why is the posting time incorrect?

  4. Danielle P Says:

    Hello cuz. Just wanted to post in response to your amusing blog

    1. I am so tired of hearing about it. Yes I try my best to help the environment but please stop coming up with new bs. BLAH!

    2. Agreed! I hate when guys where flip flops. I am not exactly sure why but I have just always thought that no one should wear them besides girls.

    3. a big douche

    4. I don’t really want to get started on that one. the day i let my daughter walk out of the house with her shorts up her ass cheeks or my son walk out with his pants down to his ankles. ridiculous.

    5. Reality tv. I like some of it. SOME being key word. but i think it is just at the point where no one has any creative ideas or time to right a script so they turn to reality tv. GARBAGE. most of it anyway

    6. I cant stand when people are obsessed with celebrities. I think what bothers me most is that people are usually obsessed with the FAKE characters they play instead of the actual person themselves. I don’t think they are anyone special. That is their job. The only celebrity of have any desire to meet is Robert Deniro. (you have always reminded me of him) He is the real talent.

    7. I am sick of walking on egg shells and making sure I don’t say anything to offend anyone. Shut up already. I don’t get mad when specific people call me snowflake. I know I am white!!

    So there are my thoughts. I agreed with you on everything lol. DONT YELL AT ME!!!!!

  5. Liza Says:

    Vinny!!! I’m so glad the blog is back! I can’t wait to start my own. Yay!

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